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L'amore è - I Will Love You Even After I'm Gone [Piano Vocal]


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L'amore è --I will love you even after I'm gone...Vocal version with Piano 
Memories of summer afternoons with a little happiness and various beautiful scenes went by...
Contemporary sound of the piano and MARTH's whispering vocal brings back our long-forgotten dreams and love


released January 1, 2016


all rights reserved



MARTH Honolulu, Hawaii

I don’t belong to anything within.
Neither do I belong to any country, any religion,
any political groups, any psychological associations,
and any philosophical organizations.
If I have to say who I am,
I am nothing but a part of the whole being.”
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Track Name: L'amore è - I Will Love You Even After I'm Gone
L'amore è - I Will Love You Even After I'm Gone
Music&Lyrics by MARTH

There must have been myriads of choices,
but have we been able to create a beautiful world?
Born to this planet, have I been able to do something useful
for the bright feature of the world, even just a little?

I'm going to live with you, forever with you,
I'll live to do as much as I can for a beautiful planet.

I am happy to be born in the same age with you
I will love you even after I leave my body

You always strove to live your ephemeral life
for a beautiful planet with a beautiful smile

I'm sure the day will come some day
when a beautiful world will be realized as you dreamed

I am happy to be born in the same age with you
I will love you even after I leave my body
I will love you forever....
Track Name: You Dream Like the World Dreams
Music&Lyrics by MARTH

Like looking above the farther sky,
I dream of a day when your dream is fulfilled

There are dreams to disappear as time goes by,
but there are never disappearing ones
as they are far beyond time

You are now dreaming of a dream,
a long-hidden dream of the world

Even though we know the whole world is one,
we've never realized a world filled with love
Even though we are aware everything is a manifestation of love,
we've never fulfilled our wish

You dream of a dream now,
the world has continued to wish in vain in the whole history.

You are now trying to fulfill a dream,
a dream the world has failed to fulfill for a long time
You are striving to fulfill it,
and you will for sure
Track Name: Dream not Able to Throw Away
Music&Lyrics by MARTH

I wish for a day
when everything we see is shining.
I dream of the world
where everybody can be happy.

You and I wish for it at the bottom of the heart
Everybody lives happily filled with love
Everybody is dreaming of such a world,
dreaming of it for sure

Even if your sadness never seems to stop
when something happens to make you give up,
please don't forget
the world is always, at any time,
everywhere and everybody,
and everything is connected as one
We cannot stop the world's step,
its flow directed there.
The world that you wish for will surely be realized.
Track Name: Beautiful Planet Earth
Music&Lyrics by MARTH

You used to look up the sky, to watch the ocean and flowers,
and talked about your dream.
Looking up your smiling face, this girl was too small to know anything.
It was my dream to create a beautiful world that you dreamt of.
The world will wake up and become a bright and wonderful planet some day.

Your boy grew up, looking up your back
I never heard any words from you.
We could not see each other
without hearing what you really wanted to do.
Creating a beautiful world some day
that you dreamt deep in your heart
may be a reason for me to live.
I think so now, yes, I think so now.

Everybody is born to create a beautiful world in fact,
just hiding it deep in the heart,
the people in the world live day by day.
May all of us be happy together some day
May all of us create such a world some day,
Beautiful earth, beautiful planet it will be.
Track Name: True Happiness
Music&Lyrics by MARTH

I enjoy a relaxing time with you in the afternoon,
sipping tea and indulging in sweets
Everybody wishes for such an enjoyable time
I wish all of us can have such time
Everybody in the world wishes for it,
We don't need any war.

Everybody wishes for living with his beloveds,
for a peaceful afternoon.
We don't have to aim too high,
nor do we have to bluff.
We will not climb the ladder of success,
kicking somebody down.
Everybody in the world wishes for it,
We don't need any war.

Every child in the world wishes for grown-ups with a beautiful heart
who never wish to be somebody.
We are in the world now
that stays to be mystical, miraculous and unknown forever.
That is a real miracle
and a true happiness...

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